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Recent Updates


 I will probably accept only a few orders this year.  Feel free to email me with your ideas.


Making a set of graduated dials for a Hardinge Lathe    9/10/20

 Lexan Break tips !    9/3/20

Quick & easy 3-jaw chuck to CNC mounting    6/12/20

Here's a time lapse video I made several years ago.  It still fascinates me.  5/27/20

A pair of sneakies FOR SALE    5/5/20

Ken's Pau Ferro Centennial & Cue    8/20/19

A few new Assorted Pictures    8/20/19

Dylan's cue  finished!    7/3/19

Notes for Yoshi about his Tiger Extension    5/14/19

9' Diamond Pro pool table for sale    5/13/19   SOLD!

Some info on setting up a camera on your CNC router    3/2/19

Bandsaw jig for trimming point/veneer stock from a forearm    1/25/19

14 mm clear pads to protect your ferrule   10/21/18

Hints on converting a Revo shaft to fit 3/8-10 modified pins    10/12/18

This is how I adapted a Molinari extension to one of my cues    8/3/18

Honduras Rosewood Burl cue in progress.  Updates added on 7/29/18

2J Speed Chuck & collets for sale    2/10/17

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