Before You Order

Some advice to anyone who is considering ordering a cue from me (or any cuemaker, for that matter):

The bottom line is -  the better prepared you are going in, the happier you will be coming out.  

Know how much you are willing to spend.
Think about it: my smartest move is to make you happy.  If you're up front about the amount of money you can spend, I'll do my best to give you maximum value for your dollar.

Learn about the features you don't understand. Google can provide a lot of information with a few keystrokes.  There are several pool & billiard forums in which somebody has probably already asked the same questions you have.  An educated buyer makes the process more efficient and we will both be happier for it.  I will gladly answer your specific questions but please be considerate and don't expect me to give you a complete education on cue building.

Something else to consider:  I often get requests to build a cue "just like this picture".  It's not going to happen.  If you like another cuemaker's style, please - call him.  He will give you exactly what you want.  Guaranteed.  If you like his unique joint - call him.  If you like his trim rings - call him.  If you like his signature inlays - call him


Things I Need to Know:
Are there any special woods you'd like to use?
Is there a particular color combination you'd like in your veneers?
Do you prefer Irish linen or leather for the wrap?  Or would you prefer wrapless?
Does the joint collar material & length matter to you?
I offer different buttcap styles so it would help if you check out the finished cues.
Inlays can get involved so give me an idea what you're interested in & we'll discuss it.
Is there a ferrule material, style or length that is important to you?
 I'd be willing to bet you have a tip preference, don't you?
Is there a shaft size you prefer?  Please let it be larger than 12.5 mm.
Do you have a weight in mind?


Things You Need to Know:

I require a deposit of 30% to begin construction of your cue.  Unfortunately, I had to raise this percentage to help weed out a recent rash of uncommitted buyers.  Please see addendum in red below.

I do not accept credit cards.

I DO accept personal/bank checks, money orders and PayPal (please add 4% to cover their fees)

I will no longer ship a cue outside of the continental United States.  This includes Hawaii and Canada.  I will gladly build it for you & ship it to a friend or relative in the continental United States but it's up to you to deal with it from there.

Effective 7/1/16, all cues must be paid in full within 45 days of the promised date of completion.  If you are unable to make your final payments, I reserve the right to cancel your order and retain at least 50% of your deposit to cover the time spent dealing with your specific requests.  If your cue is highly personalized or has features, sizes, colors or inlays that make it less marketable, the percentage I retain can be as high as 100%.