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these are for use in a 2J collet                        



gun drilling shafts for carbon fiber tubing      a cueball makes a perfect shifter      7 ferrules were hidden within this cueball.      me...backed into a corner







An experiment:  I made a forearm - a 6 point hi-low - that used paper as the outer veneer.  I wasn't sure if it would miter properly or hit solidly.  I'm happy to say it worked well in both respects.

Below is the buttsleeve that will go on this cue.  The video Part 1 shows the initial V-groove being cut and Part 2 shows the second set of V-grooves being machined.  The pics below show, in much greater detail, how well everything came out.  The points & veneers are razor sharp & even.  The miters show no glue line at all.  Part 3 shows the buttsleeve installed with matching trim & slotted ivory diamonds.



And finally, click on the picture below to see the finished cue


These pictures show a precision machined point blank that will completely fill a v-grooved forearm.  Now you can have the look of a sharp floating point while reaping the benefits of a deep v-grooved point.


Just curious to see how it will work out with Titleist veneers.

Click HERE to see the assembled forearm.


Here's a look at the Tiger Extension Kit.

Here's a look at a wrapped inlay test.

Here's a look at the building of my new CNC router.